Zenchou PiteosEdit


The Mandalo ClanEdit

The Mandalo clan, one that was rarely seen by outsiders including other mando'ade, originated shortly after Canderous Ordo, and Revan met. The first Mandalo's were Ordos that left after Revan feeling that the sith way, the sith religion, was for them. These...were Piteos people. Eventually the Mandalos began to worship the image of Revan, and became completely absorbed by the sith religion, and code. The clans prophets foretold of the return of Revan, that he would bring a great evil across his people, that Revan would kill all he found not worthy to carry the sith name. The prophets said when the stars turned red, Revan would be born. Durak Mandalo was born during an asteriod storm, that burned much of the surrounding forests near his clan. Durak was born with above par skills in the force, and his fighting skills matched. It wasnt long until the Mandalos believed Durak was the reincarnate of Revan. Though Durak, truly wasn't the reincarnate of Revan, and the prophets knew this, Durak still was a frightening sith. He began his training the moment he could walk. He trained in force powers, katana wielding to build the fundamentals of saber combat, and most importantly how to get his way. Eventually Durak killed his master in her sleep. A few short years later his father turned to Jedi on a distant planet called Anobis, which cost him his life by the hand of his own son. As Durak rose to the top of his clans hierarchy murdering all that stood in his path few actually knew it was him doing it, many thought it was his master, or perhaps the ghost of Revan exacting revenge on people who stood in the path of the reborn him. Durak eventually got to the second in command only to his mother, who was under untold amounts of stress, it was then that Durak convinced her the only way to escape the pain was suicide, and she slit her throat leaving Durak to rule over the Mandalos. After a year of ruling the Mandalos Durak became tired of all of it, and killed his clan. The last image Durak saw of his home was it being burnt to the ground as he walked away towards the ship he would steal to leave Mandalore. Eventually Durak would change his name to Piteos, aiming to prevent the Republic and others from finding him. Unknown to Durak, let alone his father, that Natalia was not in fact pregnant with his son, but another's. Durak would eventually learn the truth to his lineage after several years of hard work and determination at a goal that even he himself didn't know.

Piteos and his many ExcursionsEdit

After killing his clan, and eradicating the presence of weakness from his past Durak stole the last remaining vessel, his Mandalorian Assassin Cruiser, a small two passenger fighter craft. He quickly went to Coruscant, the hub of the galaxy, to visit the Sith Council. It was there that Piteos saw the weakness of the galaxy, the Sith were bent, twisted, and not as they should be. He along with another Sith attacked Tanith and the others before leaving. It was here that Piteos was noticed, he was immediately made an Admiral in the fledgling NSC. Piteos worked for several months within the NSC building his own prestige and furthering the NSC with each movement. Finally when the NSO was erected he was annexed in. He remained in the same position, but subtle traits of him was noticed by the Sith'Ari Feral. It was then that Piteos began spying, and infiltrating every faction he could. When an attack was made Piteos was the first to know, Feral the second. Piteos quickly gained notice by the Sith'Ari who made him one of the Sith Council leaders. The Lord of Chaos, and as his title he did just that, spread Chaos through other Organizations, and spread it swiftly. As his prestige grew so did his position, until finally he was allowed trillions of credits to start the most organized Spy Organization, the CIAS. Piteos was feared as spy, but more so as a torturer, his method usually was more out of sadistic glee than getting information, due to the fact that he usually already held the damning information. Eventually Piteos left the NSO, and became a freelancer Spy for organizations he had worked with in the past. Eventually he created the Order of Seven a school, a discipline, from his youth, it focused on the inner emotions of one, the honor of thyself, and more importantly the Elements.

The DrowEdit

  • As Piteos reaches his destination, he sees it, a small hole in the ground barely a meter wide. As he considers jumping down he hears a low tumbling roar, he turns and sees a massive Kath Hound clearly corrupted by the sinister aura he himself could feel. As the massive creature bounds to him he takes a step back forgetting completely of the hole, and so his journey the underdark.*
  • It seems like Piteos falls forever, when he lands luckily its on something soft possibly mud. He could hardly make out that he stood in a tunnel but the sinister aura he felt above ground was stronger here. The darkness of the tunnel is unexplainable even if he lit his saber he would only get a few feet of illumination so that he had to walk with his hand stretched far out in front of him. Sounds of creatures moving sounded all around him as he walked in this deep cavernous place, called the Underdark*
  • As Piteos wanders the deep and dark cavern, he hears footsteps, at first it sounds like they are far away, and he flicks his saber off and pulls his katana out. Before he realized it was a trick they were closer than they sounded it was too late, he hit the floor shortly after a blunt object hit his head. His captors thin beings, their skin a dark ebony, and their hair wildly silver. They speak in a strange dialect, and two pick up Piteos chuckling softly to each other. Out of the shadows stepped the small patrols leader, a starkly beautiful woman, her hair a fury that seemed massively tangled, but her face was one of a goddess, and her body was that of a warrior. She commands the men calling them names that they only knew what meant, and slowly they made their way back to their city, built far underground away from the sun, away from the light, where this dark people could do what they wished.*
  • The drow patrol group, approaches a massive gate, at the sides of the gate stands two towers, and on each of the towers stands a Drow female, each wielding a whip. The tower guards lashed out at any and all that moved too slow by their deem, as Piteos was carried underneath both women lashed out at him, cackling with each crack of the whip. The patrol entered the city and threw Piteos body to the ground, still unconscious, and now bleeding from the whip lashings. The drow female that lead the patrol scolds the men in the patrol saying if they had moved faster the "item" wouldnt have been tarnished. One of the men is killed the other three dragged off to the slave pits.*
  • The woman that lead the patrol orders a few of the men standing around to help carry Piteos to her families House. Upon arrival Piteos is just coming to, he can make out the shape of the house faintly even though the city was almost completely blacked out aside from a few green glowing flames around the separate houses. The guards set Piteos on floor and the female drow yells for them to leave, she looks down at Piteos and says something in her native tongue that roughly translated to pathetic.*
  • Piteos sits up, and rubs the back of his head. He stares at the woman, she was beautiful, and looked like an ebony echani. His eyes flash, as he remembered that he had been hit in the back of the head, and he springs to his feet and in a single fluid movement his katana was in his hand. His eyes harden and he stares at the strikingly beautiful woman*

Piteos: Who are you? And where the hell am I?

  • The drow woman*: Silence pathetic male, I dont want to waste my time with you any longer your kind sickens me, weak....why are you in the underdark....*she narrows her eyes nefariously*
  • Piteos stands, his katana shining brilliantly in the light cascading from the rooms torches. He sheathes the katana, and goes to walk out of the door. Just as he gets near the woman sends a roundhouse kick to his face unexpectedly and sends Piteos right back to the couch. He hops back to his feet*

Piteos: I didnt mean to come it was an accident...

  • She laughs and speaks*

Woman: You think i will believe that spy *and with that, she threw a dart with a sleeping poison on it landing in Piteos neck* Piteos: Shit

  • He slumps to the floor, and the woman claps her hands. The room fills with servants who take Piteos to an unknown location in the drow city*
  • Piteos awoke he had no idea how long he had slept, and there was no way for him to tell. As he looked around he noticed he was in a cell, and he wasnt the only one there was hundreds of cells. Each cell held an occupant some looked worried and new, as did Piteos, and others looked cold ruthless and hollowed out from years of imprisonment. Piteos sits up and leans against the back wall.*
  • The rodian in the cell next to him nods*: I see that your new here, well *chuckles* good luck...

Piteos: Why what is this place? Rodian: This is where they keep the people they force to fight....

  • Piteos looks at the rodian and then sweeps through the other cells, there was so many...*
  • Piteos sits and stares at the walls, the cells were damp, and poorly ventilated. But one thing was on Piteos side, he knew why they made their presence open to him, to use him, like an animal for sport to watch him battle. They had not taken any of his weapons, but his captors were smart the bars were cortosis weave. Piteos sits listening to the dripping of water throughout the cell corridor. He knew eventually, and soon at that, one of the ebony echani would come and take him to fight, and until then he would meditate and concentrate on just how he was going to escape this situation*
  • Piteos still in a meditation, feels as if his time to fight would be soon. In fact it was now, as several Drow enter they pick the fighters, and take them to the arena. One of them, is Piteos, quickly they chain him and take him to the arena all the fighters are placed in cages outlining the battle arena. Piteos looks to his sides the men chose to fight were possibly among the strongest. Piteos leans back the shackles removed once he was in the cage. He sits and watches as the first few men enter the arena and instead of fighting one another the drow fought them and one by one the men fell to the drow. These Drow were remarkable fighters using arcane echani dueling styles to quickly obliterate their foes, and soon it was Piteos turn to fight for his right to live.*
  • He had fought hard, and he fought well. Piteos gained the respect from several of the Drow, and had been out of shackles since late last night. He spent his time with the leader learning parts of their way. He finally stood to leave....and in a violet flash was gone*

The Order of SevenEdit

The order of a band of sith warriors. All masters of katanas, elementals, and all equally deadly. They adhere to the strictest code of honour, and never stray from the Sith Code. These seven sith warlords seek to restore the honour that the sith once held. This Order serves no empire, no man, the only entity it serves, is honour. The Order of Seven has long been an odd force, whos members change almost as swiftly as the tides. Although one thing is always apparent all have ties with Zenchou Piteos, and all are skilled and feared warriors.

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