150,000 Chaos Marines

300 Heavy Vehicles

350 Medium Vehicles

750 Light Vehicles

35 NPC Generals


Warmaster: Riddare

Homeworld: Kessel

Base: Jabiim

Base: Lehon

Armorer: I'att Armements/ Tendrando Arms

Shipyard: Mastare Shipyards


World Eaters:




Mastare Shipyards:

Tendrando Arms:

1st Company: Command CompanyEdit

Primarch Riddare


Chaos Lord

Chaos Sorcerer

Battle Captain Loken

Regular Chaos Space Marine of First Company

2nd Company: Alpha CompanyEdit

Captain Viper

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Second Company

3rd Company: Beta CompanyEdit

Captain Tyber

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Third Company

4th Company: Delta CompanyEdit

Captain Valken

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Fourth Company

5th Company: Elipson CompanyEdit

Captain Karius

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Fifth Company

6th Company: Eta CompanyEdit

Captain Avadeon

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Sixth Company

7th Company: Gamma CompanyEdit

Captain Kaleb

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Seventh Company

8th Company: Iota CompanyEdit

Captain Ulric

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Eighth Company

9th Company: Kappa CompanyEdit

Captain Rylanor

Regular Chaos Space Marine of Ninth Company

10th Company: Zeta CompanyEdit

Captain Julius

Regular Chaos Scout Marine of Tenth Company

Librarian CompanyEdit

Head Librarian Corwin


Apocathary CompanyEdit

Head Apothecary Skarr


Warrior FleetEdit

Commander Max Eirlen (Male Human)

Commander Robert Harrison (Male Human)

Tactical Officer Stephanie Rahme (Female Human)

Sensors Officer Jacob Halwitz (Male Human)

Communications Officer Brao Goroe (Male Human)

CAG Perry Hawkens (Male Human)

Shield Officer Davelin Tav'illya (Male Bothan)

Intelligance Officer Krith Meric ((Male Falleen)

MP Officer Mufgorth (Male Togorian)

30,000 Soldiers


Executor Class Star Dreadnought "Skye"

Nebula-class Star Destroyer "Verena"

Nebula-class Star Destroyer "Omega"

Nebula-class Star Destroyer "Alpha"

(8) Skye Assault Ships

(72) Z-95-AF4 Headhunters


All ships are upgraded with Beaming tech. (Hallis Shipyards)

All ships have Hallis Shipyards AI's inside them. One per ship. (Hallis Shipyards)

All ships have been upgraded with Stealth Armor plating. This includes Radar Absorbent Material. (Black Thorns Shipyards)

Cloaking Devices have been added to all ships. (Bothawui Shipyards)

All ships have been equipped with Sensor Masks. (Black Thorns Shipyards)

Every ship has been reinforced to withstand EMP Blasts, including Cap Drains and Combat De-Ionazation systems. (Bothawui Shipyards)


The Skye's hangar bays have been largely removed and outfitted with Legions of drop pods and landing barges for the XIII Legion. (Mastare Shipyards)

The Skye has been outfitted with Bes'kar Armor plating (MandalMotors)

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