Unheilvoll Star Destroyer

The Unheilvoll Star Destroyer showing its unique engine struts

The Unheilvoll Star Destroyer is the sleekest design yet seen in production anywhere in the Galaxy. Despite its slender designs; the Unheilvoll is durable, heavily armed and armored and battle ratings place it among the top 5 Heavy class ships in service today. Bottom line: This vessel is tough.

Some unique features that the Unheilvoll implements are a lack of a ventral hanger bay but rather features two smaller hangars (One fore and one aft) with entrances on both the port and starboard sides of the vessel. The Unheilvoll also features an under-slung bridge section and therefore utilizes powerful sensor array emplacements that make up for the lack of visual scanning abilities. The final oddity that makes the Unheilvoll unique is the struts that project outward from the stern of the vessel. These serve as mountings of two of the four KDY Destroyer-I ion engines but it also adds to the mystique of the vessel as a whole.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 3500 meters


  • 1650 meters


  • 170 meters





  • 51,693

Engines [5] KDY Destroyer-I ion engines [4] Gemon-4 ion engines



  • Class 1.0
    • Backup Class 10


  • 1.1 Standard Years



800,000,000 credits


The designs for the Unheilvoll Star Destroyer belong to DeathTech Industries but Pzobian Shipyards and Bilbringi Shipyards have the permissions to produce the Unheilvoll Star Destroyer.

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