The Stealth Boron Class SSD was patented by Bothawui Shipyards and designed by Hallis Shipyards

Model: Super Star Destroyer

Technical specificationsEdit

Length 17.5 kilometers

Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0

Backup Class 3.0


500 Proton Torpedo Tubes loaded up with Shadow Bombs -100 missile per tube

100 Heavy Quad Laser Cannon Turrets (Using Tibanna X)

10 Tractor Beams


36 Starfighters

36 Shuttles


Crew members (10000)

Gunners (1000)

Minimum crew 5000

Passengers 0

Cargo capacity 6,000,000 metric tons

Consumables 10 years


Use as an stealth Battleship

Must Have 500 Force using Gunner


Cloaking Device

Stealth Armor

Baffled Engines

4x [[[shield generator]]s

Black paint job


Sensor Mask

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