Nessa Faeli
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1.6 meters

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  • Anie Anca
  • Elro Tinah
  • Fin Calas
  • Lessien Elendil
  • Ramiel Diux


The Early YearsEdit

She was born on the ice world of Hoth, raised by her mother, Shaara Faeli. She was taught by many Jedi masters while living there, but needed to go out on her own to learn more. This is where she met up with Ramiel, who it seemed she would learn from. She was intrigued by the different people around her throughout her travels, and found they were interesting to talk to. She has been without a home since she was 10, when she left her planet, after her mother's death. She landed on Bassadro, hoping to fight with the Hellborn Allied Military against the Plague, but she soon discovered that the leader, Ramiel Diux or "Lord Decius" is her long-lost brother. He denies her fighting, and she stays back to guard the base. After the war, the base is deserted and everyone transfers to the Order of the Black Star.


At 23 years old, Nessa Faeli was a part of the Order of the Black Star as a Sith Apprentice. She lived in her quarters on the base, on Bassadro. Nessa had discovered that she is Ramiel Diux' long lost sister and he took her on as a Sith apprentice. Some time after the plague war, Nessa decided the Sith way was not one she longed for, and escaped the planet. She returned to the Jedi path.


Nessa Faeli landed on the planet Adumar and met a man, and they would procreate. She is currently 24 years old and carries a baby bump. (More coming soon)

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