15-Supreme vehiclesEdit

300-Heavy vehiclesEdit

350-Medium vehiclesEdit

750-Light vehiclesEdit


500-Commando TroopsEdit

5000-Elite TroopsEdit

5,000 Death's Dragoons

50,000-Standard TroopsEdit

  • 25,000 Pzobian Light Legionares
  • 10,000 Heavy Gunners
    • Groups of two, each group runs an E-WEB turret
  • 5,000 Sumpian Sharpshooters (SS)
  • 7,000 Pzobian Shocktroopers
    • Equipped with anti-armor weaponry
  • 3,000 Pzobian Scout Infantry

Ranking CasteEdit

  • Kommandant

-Commander of the Necromancer's Forces, second only to the Dark Lord himself.



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