Morpheus-class Star Dreadnought
Production information

Incom Corporation

Product line

Morpheus-class Star Dreadnought

Technical specifications

19.6 kilometers


1230 G



Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 10
Power output

3.8 × 1026 W
(shields only, total power probably
eclipsing the Mandator II at ~8.0 × 1026 W)


Beskar-varient Quantum crystaline

Escape craft


Minimum crew



38,000 (troops)

Cargo capacity
  • 250,000 metric tons

6 years


HoloNet transceiver

Other systems

Nightcloak stealth field generator

Year introduced

Around 19 BBY


Morpheus-Class Star dreadnought is an Incom Corporation manufactured ship produced under Incom's quantum leap project. Like the earlier ships under this project, the Morpheus-class star dreadnought has quantum-crystalline armor.


After having encountered amazing success with the Quantum-class Experimental Dreadnaught, the Morpheus-class was the second vessel in what Incom hoped to be a long line of their own brand of capital ships. Unlike the Quantum-class which was merely a re-engineered Executor-class Star Dreadnaught, the Morpheus class was almost an entirely new battleship design. Though the basic shape of the Morpheus-class resembled the Executor-class, its internal navigation, propulsion, shield and weapons systems were designed from scratch. The Morpheus-class boasted experimental weaponry and a new line of quantum armour.

Offensive capanilitiesEdit

Besides the vast amounts of standard weapon batteries spread out across the ship, the Morpheus class was equipped with state-of-the-art [long-range turbolasers]] which were designed to barrage enemy ships from outside of their range of fire, thus giving hostiles no opportunity to retaliate. However, the most powerful weapon on-board the Morpheus-class was the Malleus fusion ordinance hypervelocity cannon. The Malleus cannon was a huge magnetic rail gun that fired a fusion charge shell at super-accelerated velocities. The Malleus cannon was specifically designed to destroy large targets.

Beskar variant quantum armourEdit

The Morpheus-class was the first ship to use Beskar as the base metal for its quantum-crystalline armour rather than duralium. While duralium based quantum armour was gold in colour, its Beskar based counterpart had a deep black finish. The beskar variant quantum armour had several advantages over the duralium variant. While beskar armour was more costly to produce, it was significantly lighter than duralium quantum armour and more durable. The light weight of its hull armour allowed the Morpheus-class to move relatively fast for a ship of its size.


Like the earlier Quantum-class, the Morpheus-class also had 1 meter gaps in every 500 square meters of its quantum armoured hull which left it vulnerable to pinpoint strikes. Also, though supremely powerful, the Malleus cannon required a vast amount of power to operate. To fire the Malleus cannon, the ship needed to transfer almost all of the ship's power to the cannons, thus leaving the ship's shields weakened and its propulsion and other weapons powered down. To compensate for this weakness, a smart commander would normally use the ship's stealth system to launch sneak attacks with the Malleus cannon.


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