Jedi Knight Mindel Kuiwa

Mindel Kuiwa - A native of the planet Hakassi, was a Jedi Knight and former apprentice to Jedi Master Naenia Hiiaka. Much like her master, she was a capable healer and formidable warrior. Born 12 years before the Kalma Project Wars, she received her original training under Jedi Master Syria Alula, but following the death of her Master during the War, she was transfered to the care of Master Hiiaka, shortly after the end of the conflict.

Mindel was a close friend of Aine Levana and Ianthe Avalbane, also Jedi Knights within the Order of the White Orchid.

Like the majority of the Hakassi women within the Order, Mindel was blessed with dark eyes and hair, and tanned skin, though her eyes had the ability to change colour according to her mood, setting her apart somewhat from the rest of her kind.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mindel was a Character from the mind of Chiara Paolo.

Ms Paolo was also the creator of Astera Jaydi, Naenia Hiiaka and Ianthe Avalbane. Although Chiara had Role Played on JvS 1.0 (Using an alternate Character), she made the switch to another Star Wars based Role Playing game before returning to JvS 1.5 in 2009.

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