Lord Mortious, formerly Darrious Krano
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Neutral, former Sith, former Jedi

Known masters

Jedi Master Jaco Hargan (Deceased), Dark Lord Electous

Known apprentices

Broon Krano, Charen Tyr

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit


"Someday son, you will make a fine warrior. You have both the strength of a Mandalorian and the grace of the Echani."
--Hanius Krano to infant Darrious shortly after birth

Lord Mortious was born Darrious Krano, to an Echani mother, Mallinia Krano, and a Kiffar father, Hanius Krano, a mandalorian. Life in the Taris Undercity was tough, infectious diseases and hungry predators were always a major concern for it's citizens, not to mention the swoop gangs that came down from the lower city. Darrious was a just a young boy when his parents were killed by a pack of hungry Rakghouls, Darrious himself would have died if it wasn't for the heroic efforts of Jedi Master Jaco Hargan. After consulting the council Jaco took young Darrious to the Jedi academy on Yavin IV.

Yavin IV

"Strong with him the force is, but much too old to he is to begin his training, much like Vader when his training began."
"I sense a great power in him Master, far greater than any student that has walked these halls."
"That is precisely the reason that he must not begin the training."
"Agree with you I do, Master Hargan, but if unlock that power we do, from it comes our salvation or our fall? Many questions without answers surround this decision"
--The council discusses young Darrious acceptence into the academy

After much debate the council accepted Darrious into the academy though he was much older than the rest of the younglings. His power greatly outmatched any of the other younglings but it was wild and uncontrolled.

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