Ksandra Mallan
Biographical information



68 BBY

Physical description

Unknown Winged Humanoid




1.63 meters



Hair color


Eye color

Black (Varies with mood)

Chronological and political information
Known masters
Known apprentices

"As one of my friends used to say: Large chance of death, small chance of survival. What are we waiting for?"

-Ksandra Mallan, addressing Dragon Squadron.

Ksandra Mallan, often referred to by her friends as Kassy is a Jedi Master of unknown origins. Her appearance is that off a fairly young, dark haired woman with dark eyes, looking completely human, except for a set off large feathered wings coming from her back. Her eyes are intriguing to say the least, and fluctuate in color depending on her mood. Kassy is a strong willed Jedi, and is a well know, and highly respected Master from the Yavin IV Praxeum. Many Jedi look up to her, including her friends of equal rank.

The humanoid Jedi Master is famous on Yavin IV for being the creator and leader for the hugely successful Dragon Squadron, which she still leads to this day. Kassy is now the head commander of the Dragon's, with Jedi Masters Dav Man'Sell, Tebana Sor, Jago Pulastra and Tonaris Phedi as her teammates and friends.


"I've flown on Kassy's wing. I can assure you, there are easier places to be. You need to keep your wits about you. Keeping up with her maneuvers is harder than shooting up Death Stars. Flying comes as naturally to her as breathing and sarcasm."
Dav Man'Sell talking to Shace Aussis about Ksandra's flying abilities[src]

Kassy's Childhood Years Edit

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