Jo'osh Tors
Biographical information



68 BBY



Physical description





1.82 Meters



Hair color

Dark Brown/Black

  • later Grey/White
Eye color

Dark Brown

Chronological and political information
Known masters
Known apprentices
"I prefer to count such deeds not in the amount of lives lost, but in the amount of lives saved. Optimistic? Perhaps. Sometimes that's just the best way to view such things."
Jo'osh Tors, just after the Battle of Geonosis[src]

Jo'osh Tors was a Jedi Master, Diplomat, and General during the Clone Wars. He was a respected figure in the Jedi Order, a well known Diplomat and a competent leader for the Grand Army of the Republic, demonstrating skill and ability enough to survive the wars and even Order 66. He was former padawan of Jedi Council member Yaddle, and was the master of future legendary Jedi Battlemaster Dav Man'Sell, counting Dav's status as a Jedi Knight as one of his proudest achievements. Although a skilled warrior, capable pilot, and a master of the Third form of Lightsaber Combat, Jo'osh was known to be of the school of Jedi thought that prefered diplomacy and scholarly pursuits to combat, in direct opposition to his Padawan's perspective.


Jo'osh Tors during the Clone Wars.

Jo'osh managed to survive the Jedi Purge, going into hiding for a number of years under the assumed identity of Arden Tors, and becoming first a husband to Leigh Thule, a woman from Naboo, and later a father to a son, Jessop Tors. He worked to support the fledgling Rebel Alliance in the political system, serving as an Aide to Imperial Senator for the Chommell Sector, and secret Rebel sympathizer, Pooja Naberrie. It was in this capacity that he over-extended himself, becoming a target for The Emperor, and marked for assassination. Jo'osh died one year before the Battle of Yavin, killed by Emperor's Hand, and his former apprentice, Dav Man'Sell.


Jo'osh Tors, the day he was killed by Dav Man'Sell

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