HCN-2 Laser Carbine
Production information

Chyornov Combat Systems




2,800 credits

Physical and technical specifications

100 cm


9.1 kg

  • 45 shots on internal power
  • unlimited on external power source

600 meters


JvS (Chaos Era)

The HCN-2 laser carbine was a heavy weapon designed for use with CCS' powered assault armor. It was a massive weapon, giving it as much a psychological effect as physical, and required someone of immense strength to wield effectively; as a result, it could not be wielded by standard or even heavy infantry. Like the HRF-3 rifle and the HSR-3 sniper rifle, the HCN-2 had a cable connection for an external power source.

The bolts of the HCN-2 had the power of bolts from a low-powered laser cannon; they were carried by the heavy assault companies of the Osarian Guard, and could also be mounted in a defensive perimeter as fixed weapons, or carried as the equivalent of a machine gun by heavy infantry. Either way, they had to be connected to mobile power sources, but when thus equipped they were extremely useful for field operations due to their self-contained nature.

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