E4 series LongShot rifle
Production information

Bretan Arms


ranged, EM


4800 credits

Physical and technical specifications

1.8 meters


42 lbs


10 rounds


1-3 kilometers

Usage and history

antivehicle, heavy

The E4 series was essentially a handheld artillery unit. It used electromagnetic rails to propel a large shell at up to seven times the speed of sound; these shells could be simple armor-piercing, fragmentary, high-explosive, or even biological in nature. In various uses it could be an antipersonnel weapon, taking out groups of soldiers, or antivehicle, using high-velocity solid penetration rounds or even penetration fragmented rounds, which pierced the armor and then shattered by the heat of the impact into bits of red-hot shrapnel inside the vehicle. It was large and heavy, and had considerable recoil which meant it had to be braced against something solid. Also, it was usually carried by teams of two to three people, the actual sniper carrying the weapon and setting it up, while the other(s) carried carbines and extra shells and stood guard while the sniper was firing.

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