"Damn cool....."
--Blue Wave Weapons Officer
Delgado Heavy Blaster Pistol

Name= Delgado Heavy Blaster Pistol

Manufacturer= Blue Wave Industries

Model= Delgado HBP-1

Size= Blaster Pistol

Cost= 2,000 Credits

Range= 420 Meters

Capacity= 600 Shots (Depending on Power variety)

Era= Chaos Era (RP Era)

Affiliation= Blue Wave


Made by the smart technicians and weapon designers of Blue Wave Industries, the light semi-automatic and powerful Delgado Heavy Blaster Pistol was made to be the jack of all trades weapon, combining the stun rifle, the blaster pistol and the disruptor rifle. There are three settings which could be rapidly changed: Stun, Kill, and Incinerate. Powered by a rechargeable power cell in the blaster, it is light and powerful to knock a full-grown Wookie into unconsciousness. It can be personalized by the customer and modified in many ways. The Delgado was also made to be durable and can be bashed a few times until it brakes.


The Delgado fires purple blaster bolts, but can be customized to fire any type of color on the choosing of the customer, only the charging cell has to be replaced.

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