The Sith'ari Darth Infernus, more commonly known as Death Angel, is a Sith Lord, with a considerably accomplished command of the Force, and lesser so in various combat styles. He is a Force-based combatant, preferring to resort to mystic techniques and unique Force arts in his combat. He is the Head Battlemaster of the Iridonian Sith Academy, the head of the Australovenator Logistics Directorate business, and one of the three leaders in the Triumvirate of the Royal Iridonian Empire.

An Unknown PastEdit

Born on a planet that is no longer of habitable existence, Angel and a few several others are all that remains of their race. They were purged by a planetary bombardment because the surrounding neighbouring systems thought them as a dangerous threat for potential overthrowing. Only a few select that were offplanet or secretly escaped on a handful of starcraft transports.

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JvS 1.5Edit

Iridonian TrainingEdit

The first known recordings of Angel's lifestory brings him to the Mid Rim world of Iridonia, where he underwent his fourth Sith training, under Lord Hawkeye, the first one he had ever completed (his previous three Angel had killed out of sheer frustration and not being capable of enlightening him further in his quest for knowledge). This took place on Iridonia's Sith Academy, the same place where the famous Iridonian Zabrak Darth Maul had trained in on his early years before Darth Sidious. He competed with another student in the Academy, Darth Foote, in a mock duel. Winning that battle after Foote expended himself in a powerful Super Force Repulse, his long lost friend from Malachor IV came to Iridonia and they departed Iridonia together. After a month or two, Angel had been promoted to the higher rank of a Sith Lord.

Being a LordEdit

Angel began affiliating himself with various major groups, including the Phoenix Imperium, Brotherhood War Party, and Kashyyyk Sith Order. When Iridonia created their own empire, he joined their top ranks. Shortly after, more apprentices, like Romulus Aran and G. Hanz started appearing for their own training purposes. Likewise, Twilight Master Vereor and his apprentice returned to the flourishing and growing Academy.

The Birth of the Iridonian Empire and the Conquering of AargonarEdit

A while after, the formed Iridonian Empire invaded and successfully captured the barren rocky world of Iridonia, with harsh climates like Iridonia. An inheritance from an old Jedi Master left the Empire a second planet, the swampy mineral-rich world of Anoat, where resources and income was normally generated.

Hawkeye's DeathEdit

Soon after, Foote had returned to visit Iridonia, being granted the title of Lord himself, and helped plan an assault on Ossus, which turned out to be a failure, with Hawkeye's legs being severed, and he eventually succumbed to his injuries. Angel became the new Battlemaster of the Academy, with new recruits arriving, such as Mortis Angelus.

Assault on OssusEdit

Angel was then part of a big strike team assembled to attack the Academy. Several casualties were caused on the Jedi side, and information was stolen from their databases. A good portion of the Academy was also destroyed in the wake of the dark onslaught. Angel then left the planet, heading to Nar Shaddaa, where he had a small refreshing indulgement of alcohol along with his counterparts, in which afterwards he headed to Corellia to host the prestigious first annaul Sithies Award Ceremony.


Angel attended the ceremony and was one of the primary judges/hosts/organisers of the ceremony, along with Sith'ari Grizz, Kaine, and the creator, Randall Flagg/Villa. He entertained the guests in the middle of award presenting by shapeshifting into different forms every time he presented an award. Afterwards, he was at the afterparty, fellowshipping with Jedi and Sith alike, the one rare time they could get along, because it was a celebration of the formulation of their universe.

Alternate UniverseEdit

In an alternate universe, Angel ran into his former apprentice, G. Hanz, now a Jedi Padawan, in a Naboo swamp where in an unexpected turn of events akin to David and Goliath, Angel lost to Hanz in a duel, capped by the Sith overlord falling to the Padawan's blade, defeated, lying slain in the mud at Hanz's feet and his head triumphantly stood upon by the victor.


Angel's specific race is a unique long-lived Near-Human race. They were  powerful mystical occultists, believing the aura they possessed had untold latent chakra potential based on primary and secondary elements. The two that were bestowed upon him at birth were Fire and Shadow. After being nicknamed the Fire-Spitter on his home planet of unknown origins, he adopted Darth Infernus (Dark Inferno in Latin) as his "Darth" name. Adding to that, adults became polymorphs – they developed unique shapeshifting abilities once adolescence peaked; some secondary mutations also manifested. Some had underwater adaptations with scales; some to withstand the arctic colds, some became fireproof. His secondary mutation was to sprout wings from his back, owing to the "Angel" namesake.


Angel's old appearance was one of rarely unhooding or uncloaking himself. He remained clad in black most of the time. His eyes gleam red evilly from the shadows of his hood, adding further to a menacing effect.

Owing to the fact that he could shapeshift, few have ever seen his true form. However, he prefers his true form concealed by shadows, and thus rarely uses it; only as a last resort. He is also often seen meditating when there is spare time.

Recently, it has been discovered that his shadowcloak in its true form is his wings. He can fly considerable distances with this ability. Expending for three hours at maximum capacity develops fatigue toxins in his wing muscles that will tire him rapidly if he does not rest. He can shapeshift into a gargoyle-like creature for enhanced speed, but he'd only be able to fly for an hour thanks to the mental strain it took to operate both mutations at one go.

Weaponry & SkillsEdit

Angel can use a wide variety of weapons, owing to the fact he had a unique talent for proficiency in weapons handling. All of his blades are electrum-plated, and he's seeking to make them phrik-hilted to prevent unfavourable circumstances from inconveniencing him.

  • DA's primary weapon of choice are his Corusca-gem, flame-coloured paired lightsabers, hung on the sides of his belt.
  • His backup wield is a single dual-phased Hurrikane indigo blade, with a Stygium black shoto. These are in a hidden compartment within his sleeves so that they'd be within hand's grasp within a second, literally.
  • He also keeps a reserve glistering silver doublesaber from a synthetic crystal he made with an unsuccessful alchemy experiment, as a backup to his backup. This is at a scabbard slung behind his shoulder. It is retrofitted with a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse for underwater use. It is his only waterproof blade, and thus he employs this under extreme atmospheric condition.
  • Other weapons are collected and stored in his ship, but they are not often needed.
  • Twin wrist gauntlets that have different functions:
    • Miniature flamethrower
    • Grappling whipcord
    • Small remote to summon his ship.
    • Semi-auto wrist blaster.
    • Small complement of wrist rockets.
  • Angel knows Teräs Käsi to a high degree. He adds his pyrokinesis to it for further effect.
  • Studied magic intensely, and possesses an adept skill and knowledge of different mystical arts.
  • Developed almost every lightsaber combat style to at least a proficient degree.

The ForceEdit

DA knows an advanced, vast, and diverse knowledge of the Force. More than 10 are listed.


  • All the basics.
    • Force Push/Pull
      • Force Throw/Wave/Repulse/Maelstrom
    • Force Speed/Jump
    • Force Cloak/Concealment
    • Telepathy/Mind Control/Dominate Mind
    • Telekinesis
      • Force Glide/Levitation/Flight
    • Force Sense
    • Force Deflect/Barrier/Bubble/Protection
  • Force Lightning/Chain/Storm
  • Force Wound/Choke/Crush
  • Doppelganger


  • Battlemind/Battle Meditation/Force Rage/Precognition
  • Force Drain
  • Force Fear/Horror/Insanity
  • Force Weapon/Armor
  • Art of the Small
  • Force Absorb
  • Disable Droid/Destroy
  • Force Heal
  • Force Wind/Whirlwind


  • Shatterpoint
  • Force Orb/Destruction
  • Force Slow/Affliction/Plague
  • Sith Alchemy
  • Spear of Midnight Black
  • Force Scream


Named the Imperius Rex. A heavily-modified ship of unknown origin. So many modified weapons it's technically a moving weapon of destruction.

Size: Big.

Max Sublight Speed: 4,200 KPH

Crew: Pilot, copilot, main gunner, rear gunner, 4 more passengers, optional missile operator

Armament: 4 quad-turbolaser cannon batteries, portable ion cannon, 1 rear repeater blasters, GAM/normal concussion missile launcher, 2 copilot seismic minelayer bays, 2 multipurpose missile turrets, 2 proton bomb/torpedo dispenser, flechette pulse-bolt generator (signature weapon, personally crafted, can be mounted to fire any kind of projectile that picks up ambient, static, and cosmic energy as they fly, growing in force as it moves)

Notable Gadgetry: Mask-and-Jam stealth system, 4 grav-well generators (similar to those on Interdictors but much smaller), EMP field, smart AI copilot, weaker backups on all systems


  • 35 supersoldiers (enhanced to max physical attributes without being considered superhuman) specially trained in melee combat.
  • 500 ARSE (All-Round Specialist Enforcery)
  • 2,000 ESC troopers (Elite Strike Commando)
  • 2,000 PHANTOMS (Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nanotech Offensive Machine, a mix of robotic equipment and solid light holograms)
  • 1,000 droidekas
  • 5,000 IG-100 MagnaGuards
  • 20,000 SpecForces
  • 10,000 Plex Missile Soldiers
  • 150 AT-AT
  • 100 AT-TE
  • 50 Imperial Juggernauts
  • 50 AT-ST
  • 100 AAC-1
  • 50 IFT-T
  • 100 AT-AA
  • 50 SPMA-T
  • 150 AT-RT
  • 100 TIE Mauler


  • 1 Imperial-class Star Destroyer (4 km Supernova)
  • 2 Interdictor-class cruisers (Prowler and Nightstalk)
  • 1 Victory I class (Firestorm)
  • 2 Gladiator class (Inferno, Fireball, StarLancer)
  • 2 Broadside cruisers (Sting, Bombardier)
  • 1 Acclamator-class II (Stryker)
  • 1 Nebulon-B escort medical frigate (Bacta)
  • 3 VT-49 Decimators (Annihilation, Conquest, and Excelsior)
  • 2 Carrack-class Gunships (Rage and Resistor)
  • 4 heavy armored mass-troop transports (A1, B2, C3, D4)
  • 11 Firespray
  • 11 StealthX
  • 30 ARC-170
  • 20 TIE Defender

Personal DroidEdit

Named IG-9 (nothing affiliated with the IG-88 or IG-100 series droids.). Often nicknamed Geenine, or I-9. Its creativity dampener was removed, so the droid is very independent. However, the loyalty circuits and programs have always remained, so he is still very loyal to Angel.

He has assorted installed equipment, and nasty, illegally-modified weaponry. He is virtually a combat partner in its own right.

He is a resourceful, and intelligent droid, unlike the "preprogrammed skinny, useless battle droids" according to him, who devised and outfitted quite a number of his illegally modified weaponry, such as the retractable Kelvarek rocket system and gatling gun resting concealed in either shoulder pad compartments, the twin flamethrower units on his wrist, which could also spew deadly neuropoison, an electric shock, and change into a subzero cannon. He even considered about putting a retractable vibroblade that would shoot from his left fist, but hasn't done so yet. A rudimentary jet propulsion in his feet enabled short-distance flight, and his eyes and fingers could shoot intensity adjustable lasers, which cost quite a lot to install. One doesn't even want to get into the amount of aftermarket capabilities his master had tinkered on. His vocabulator had been retrofitted with the ability to produce a high-intensity scream, or a soothing trill noise to respond to pains like headaches. It's hard to believe that there are still many untweaked components with which to install equipment that Angel wants to acquire in order to make full use of the powerful droid.

About the AuthorEdit

Death Angel is the brainchild of Jon(athan) Chang, a 19-year old with an extrovert of a personality (EQ) and an introvert of thought processing (IQ).

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