Patented by Bothawui Shipyards, created by Hallis Shipyards

Boron Class Super Star Destroyer Technical specificationsEdit

Length 17.5 kilometers

Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0

Backup Class 3.0


500 Proton Torpedo Tubes loaded up with Diamond Boron Missiles -100 missile per tube

250 Heavy Quad Laser Cannons

250 Heavy Double Turbolaser Cannons

1 Gravity Well Generator

10 Tractor Beams


36 Starfighters

36 Shuttles


Crew members (12000)

Gunners (1500)

Minimum crew 2000

Passengers 1000 (troops)

Cargo capacity 6,000,000 metric tons

Consumables 10 years


Use as an anti-capitalship battleship


Cloaking Device

Stealth Armor

Baffled Engines

2x the armor

4x shield generators

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