Bloodgrain was a plant native to Kircone. It was a wheatlike plant with blue-green leafstalks and large dark red grains.


  • Food. Bloodgrain was a common ingredient in Tilani foods, and was one of their few, albeit limited, exports. Both the grain and the leafstalks were edible.
  • Drink. The Tilani made a variety of different drinks from bloodgrain, some from the gain and some from the leafstalks
  • Textiles. Bloodgrain leafstalks could be separated into incredibly strong fibers, in part due to Kircone's high gravity.
  • Weapons. The central stalks of the Bloodgrain plant were incredibly rigid and were often used in making light armor components--many Tilani wore wrist guards made of narrow sections of bloodgrain stalk--and were also used in the hilts of Tilani weapons.

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