This is a cannon product. In which its cannon manufacturer is owned by Stark Industries. As such, its product is listed under our product list for conveniences sake.

200px-AV-1C Armor
AV-1c combat armor
Production information
  • GTU (Stark Industries owned subsidiary)

AV-1c comabt armor


Powered armor


25,000 Cr

Physical and technical specifications

25 kg

Protection type

Weapons fire/hostile atmosphere

Usage and history

AV-1c combat armor was a type of fully-enclosed armored power suit produced by GTU. The AV-1c, a variant on the standard AV-1 combat armor, was designed for front-line infantry units. The AV-1c augmented the wearer's strength, and was equipped with a comprehensive weapon integration and targeting system - allowing the user to link two weapons to the suit's onboard battle computer. Additionally, the power suit was fitted with repulsorlifts for greater agility and the power of flight. Finally, the AV-1c came with a imaging systems spanning both visible and infrared spectrums.

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