The AMF/4mk2 antimatter fusion reactor was a powerplant system developed by Chyornov Combat Systems with the help of Tilani techs. It produced roughly the same power as many contemporary reactors, but was much smaller.

AMF/4mk1 Edit

This was the reactor used in many of CCS' capital warships. It was not unknown for a bank of four to eight individual reactors to be used in the same space as a single contemporary reactor of equivalent power.

Power output: 4.1 × 1024 W

AMF/4mk2 Edit

The Mark 2 reactor was used in smaller ships such as shuttles, and more notably, Aron Kellemann's Seventh Circle.

AMF/4mk3 Edit

This was a miniaturized reactor for use in starfighters. It was used in the Banshee-class Assault Fighter.

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