Production InformationEdit

Manufacturer: Blue Wave Industries

Class: Heavy Hover Tank

Technical specificationsEdit

Length: 3.6 Meters

Width: 1.4 Meters

Height/depth: 2.7 Meters


  • Mass Driver Cannon
  • Dual Laser Cannons (4)
  • Six Barreled Laser Turret
  • Deflector Shields

Crew: None (Advanced Droid Brain

The AAT II is the far more heavily armored, and more advanced than its predecessor the AAT of the CIS, with a more better hull design of titanium alloys and Alusteel, this armored tank can easily provide heavy anti-tank or anti-personnel to infantry with its heavy weapons. With a redesigned droid brain, the AAT II can be resigned and reprogrammed to suit its owner needs, from artillery to long-range fire support. The AAT II can be a deadly threat on any battlefield and is a good addition to any army.

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