This type of engine was a large jet engine, designed to be mounted on rotating shafts for thrust vectoring. It was a jet engine, meaning it could only operate in atmospheres, or with an oxygen supply. This meant it was often tied into life-support systems, or used for atmospheric only vehicles. However, it was still used as the main sublight engine for the Firefly-class vessel.

It provided excellent performance in atmospheric conditions, outdoing heavy repulsorlifts in terms of lift, and did not emit harmful radiation like ionic based sublight engines. When mounted as a thrust-vectoring unit, such as on the Firefly-class, it provided better manoeuvrability than almost any other craft.

However, due to its poor performance outside of any atmosphere, pilots would often make hyperspace micro-jumps to move closer to a planet, risking the effects of the warped hyperspacial geometry around celestial bodies.

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